Zonta International District 13

Zonta International District 13


Welcome to the official website of Zonta International District 13.

District 13 comprises the following four areas:
01 Denmark
02 Lithuania
03 Iceland
04 Norway

The District Conference 2015 was held in September.

 Please find here the Conference Report and all other relevant Conference material. 
The minutes of the business sessions are forwarded to the delegates. Shortly after the 15th of November 2015, the approved minutes will be uploaded to this website.


Biennial Goals

With conviction, commitment and courage we are striving to achieve the ZI Biennial goals. In the group Biennial Goal Number 3 - Resources, we find this goal

The structure of ZI districts is optimized for mission achievement and vision fulfillment.”

The measure is that a review of the number and boundaries is completed.

The European Governors and Lieutenant Governors are working with ZI Membership Committee on this and will meet in Luxembourg on the 20th - 22nd of November 2015. Shortly after this meeting, the Governor will update all club presidents and ask them to take action. Please share any ideas on this with the Governor or the Lieutenant Governor.

We also find this goal “Leadership skills and competencies are increased at all levels and at HQ”. Please share any ideas on leadership training with the Governor.


Every Member- Every November

Zonta International anniversary day is the 9th of November. Please think of a gift to Zonta International Foundation on this day, and let us have a big party in District 13,  not consuming a cup of coffee but donating the price of one or more cups of coffee to Zonta International Foundation.


Zonta Says No to Violence against Women
It is easy for clubs to join the campaign. Please find the material here.



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